Family clinic

Ensuring the health of you and your family

Family Clinic Overview

Times GP enjoy caring for all members of your family. We have your comfort and needs in mind.

We love our babies, kids and our disabled, so we have a kids’ area, wide corridors, large consultation rooms and treatment room for easy access by prams (or double prams!!) and wheelchairs. For your convenience, we have baby change station and disabled toilet inside our clinic. For those who may not enjoy the happy giggles of child play as much as we do, we have a separate quiet waiting area for you. Our elderly patients are our treasures. They share valuable life experiences and wisdom with us, as we tailor health care to suit their individual needs – enabling the independence or dependence they prefer.

In our purpose-built treatment room, we perform a wide range of medical procedures such as: iron infusion, ear syringe, hearing test, ECG, lung function test, Implanon and Mirena (insertion and removals). We also have great satisfaction in providing good wound care for your acute injuries. We are open to exploring health options with you and working together to optimise your chronic disease management – such as asthma, diabetes, heart attacks, stroke and weight loss counselling.

We love doing newborn checks, child growth and development checks. We are here to listen and provide support to parents and your loved ones. We offer gentle childhood immunisations and happy to discuss any concerns you may have about these. We provide breastfeeding support and our onsite experienced lactation consultant – Sandy Wong and Sharon Lau are here to give you a hand or two if needed (pun intended!). 

Just as every pregnancy is different, every child is an individual with their own personality and behaviour. We see a lot of kids and we understand sometimes as parents we just need some reassurance and to know whether something is normal or not. 

We understand your concerns, we have been there – at Times GP there is no such thing as a silly question!

Adolescence is unique phase of life, where we can work together in instilling good health and wellbeing – for you and those around you. At Times GP we are respectful and non-judgmental, you can come here by yourself, or with a friend. 

In our teens and young adult years, we experience rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth, which affects how we look, think, feel, make decisions and see the world around us. We also establish patterns of behaviour around diet, physical activity, substance use, and sexual activity, which can in turn put our health at risk now and in the future. 

We can be faced with many challenges in life, come have a chat with us and explore how we can support you! 

We encourage men in reaching their full potential by being proactive in achieving good health and wellbeing. Men’s health at Times GP is always delivered in a professional yet relaxing manner, to ensure the consultation is not awkward for you! 

Men’s Health Check – We recommend all men, especially those aged 40 and above to have a health check to address potential “silent” health issues, identify health risk factors for developing chronic medical conditions and together we to lay good foundations for years ahead.

During our Men’s Health Check, we screen for prostate cancer, bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sexual health & mental health. We also discuss lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol and sleep quality. We perform a physical examination, checking your blood pressure, calculate your BMI (Height/Weight ratio), checking your heart with our ECG, check your kidneys with our urinalysis and checking your hearing with our audiometry (we don’t know what we don’t hear). 

Being healthy means a lot more than just “not being sick”. 

Book your Men’s Health Check with us now!

Times GP is here to provide love and care for people from all walks of life. Life is unpredictable and at times a struggle for some, our GPs who are trained in mental health are here to support you and your family. 

What happens in our Mental Health consultations?

Our experienced GPs will ask 

  • How you are feeling? 
  • What have you noticed that is troubling you? 
  • Is this change recent or been worrying you for quite some time?

We will ask questions around your mood, energy levels, sleep, appetite, thoughts and ability to concentrate and impact on your life, family and work.

We take a holistic approach in assessing your mental and physical health, as some physical illnesses or medications can impact our emotional wellbeing. We can organise a blood test to investigate any thyroid issues, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, low blood count, which can often contribute to your symptoms. 

When you feel ready, we can complete a GP Mental Health Plan, which allows you to access Medicare-rebateable sessions with a psychologist, and referrals to psychiatrist can also be made. 

We understand that it takes time to build a positive trusting relationship, so if you would like to discuss about your or your loved one’s mental health, please ask our friendly receptionists to book a long appointment, so we can take our time to chat and not feel rushed. 

Tip: Some of our patients find it helpful to write down their lists of concerns and symptoms in advance and bring this to their appointment.

Are you injured?

Do you have a wound that is infected? 

Do you have a wound that is taking too long to heal? 

Do you have a chronic ulcer that keeps coming back?

Our caring GPs and nurse can assess your wound, clean, suture (stitch up), swab to identify the cause of your infection, apply dressing and develop a personalised plan to manage your wound. 

Have you suffered a work-related injury or illness?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do?

Come to Times GP, our GPs are kind, experienced and competent in managing workplace injuries and illnesses.

Our primary concern is your health and wellbeing. We will assess your injury or illness, its severity, and develop an individualised treatment plan so you can receive appropriate care to assist in your recovery. This treatment plan may include medication, doing XRAY / ultrasounds / CT / MRI scans, referral to specialists and allied health professionals such as physiotherapists. 

Our secondary role is to provide information by completing WorkCover Medical Certificate. This certificate is based on our GPs clinical assessment of your injury, comment on whether work is a substantial contributing factor to your injury and your level of fitness to return to work. 

When the WorkCover Medical Certificate is not completed in detail, it can result in confusion and conflict. At Times GP, we understand how essential it is that WorkCover documents are completed accurately and with as much detail as possible, so WorkCover and your employer are aware of the nature of the injury and type of work you are fit or not fit to undertake.